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GCR alpaca shearing

Quality comes first!

Set-up $ 50.00 20mile radius Each animal is $ 35.00 if it was sheared last year $ 80.00 if not sheared last year... $5 Discount for 30+ animals Teeth & Nail $ 10.00 per animal Questions: 4254183322

Hello Alpaca Family,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tim and I am the owner of Green Cedar Ranch. We have a small family farm in Lake Stevens, WA. raising many animals, cows, goats, Sheep, Dogs, & alpacas both Huacaya & Suri.

I was the one that had the love for the alpacas, and wanted to learn as much as possible about the animals before getting my own. I acquired my first three several years ago, by trading a carpeting job with my Dad for them. Once I got my alpacas home and started learning about the fiber and we were hooked! I learned to spin, knit and then shear from a class with Matt Best, a national shearing champion , held at the Longneckers Alpaca Ranch. We were able to shear with Matt for the last three years shearing with us over a thousand plus alpacas.

Having my own alpacas, I learned the importance of shearing with the ropes & pulley system on the ground with a tarp under the alpaca, it is the safest, calm & fastest way too. It’s so exciting to have your alpaca blanket in one piece most of the time for processing or show. I have learned how to shear, including caring for their teeth & nails, to date we have shorn over 400 alpacas with great referrals.

We look forward to our 2020 shearing season, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding our methods, fees, or scheduling.

2021 Shearing season starts MAY 22 and ends JUNE 12th
Sunday’s are closed for business!

Looking forward to meeting you & your pacas,
Tim Butok
Email: [email protected]

Terms Of Service
Animals must be clean and dry. They should be pend up and ready to go when we arrive! A 12-15ft aria should be available for installing ropes to tie the animal down. There needs to be a person that will bring the animal to us and another person to collect the fiber. There will be an extra $5.00 charge per head if we have to collect the fiber for u or Retrieve the animal for shearing!